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Are you searching for meaningful work? Do you work hard, take risks, learn from mistakes and constantly seek improvement? We want to meet you! Our amazing faculty and staff bring the Trinity experience to our students while living our mission and valuesEmail us to learn more about what makes Trinity special.


Teacher Stories


I love the way we think about functions here — as a story. What story does this graph tell over time, over the X-axis? I just love the way we conceptualize most things here and turn it into the human version of what it is.

Kenny Chilton, Middle School Mathematics
Hired in 2015

Trinity shares my values — things like inclusion, equity, the importance of healthy balanced lives, and social-emotional health. This is, unfortunately, hard to find, and from the moment I visited for my interview, I knew it was the warm, welcoming community of staff and students I was looking for and thrive in.

Monica Hernandez, Middle School Math
Hired in 2019

In my interview, the faculty and administrators I met struck me as engaged, sincere and inspired. More importantly, I got to spend some time in a computer programming class and interact with students. I came away knowing I would love working at Trinity.

Andrew Petusky, Middle School Computer Science
Hired in 2019