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Magaly Devlin

Teaching Fellow

Rebecca Dittmar

Lower School Music Teacher

Mary Dowdy

Middle School Spanish Teacher

Virginia Druart

Lower School Library Media Specialist

Jennifer Dugan

Lower School Counselor

Rebecca Duran

Teaching Fellow

William Earley

Lower School Social Studies/Inquiry Seminar/Science Teacher

Mitzi Easley

Lower School Office Manager & Assistant to LS Head, Assistant to the Head of Lower School

Carol Edgar

MS Math Teacher

Bethani Emery

Associate Director of Admissions & Enrollment

Chris Ernest

Middle School Dean of Students

Christine Erwin

Lower School Teacher

Christina Fennewald

Lower School Technology Intergration Specialist

Jeremy Freitas

Middle School English Teacher

Joan Frost

Admin. Assistant to the Head of Middle School Substitute Coordinator, Substitute Coordinator

Taylor Fry

Senior Director of Development

Kathleen Gallagher

Lower School Lead Teacher

Taylor Gamache

Teaching Fellow
< 1 2 3 4 5 8 > showing 37 - 54 of 141 constituents