Voices & Perspectives



Guest Speakers

We invite special guests to share their stories so we may learn how we are much more alike than different and how we can work together for the greater good. All are welcome to attend and participate. Past guests have been community leaders of various faiths, as well as Dr. Edith Eger, author, psychologist, and Holocaust survivor. We want our students to hear, learn and understand different voices so they can become thoughtful community leaders who successfully navigate the world beyond Trinity.

Religious Leaders Panel

At Trinity, we seek to foster a community rooted in faith, integrity, discovery, and diversity. The Religious Leaders Panel is an opportunity for students and families to learn about different faiths and explore the various ways we can work together. 



Cultural Celebrations

Throughout the year, Trinity hosts special celebrations for different cultures. These events can range from guest speakers in Chapel to community-wide events for students, faculty and families. No matter the scope, our cultural celebrations are designed to educate, inspire and unite.

Lunar New Year

School-wide, but especially in Mandarin class, students celebrate this international holiday commemorating the beginning of the lunar calendar. In the United States, we often refer to the lunar new year as the Chinese New Year, but it's observed in many Asian countries. For example, in Vietnam it's called Tet. Thanks to the students who put together this presentation!

Día de Los Muertos

Despite its seemingly morbid moniker, “The Day of the Dead” is a joyful celebration where people honor and remember friends and family who have died. Día de los Muertos combines the ancient Aztec tradition of celebrating ancestors with All Saints Day, a holiday that Christian Spanish invaders brought to Mexico in the 1500s.


Diwali is one of the biggest and most important holidays in India. It marks the Hindu new year and celebrates the triumph of good over evil. It's a festival of happiness, light and new beginnings. Each year during our Season of Light, we celebrate the commonalities and differences of three faith traditions — Hinduism, Judaism and Christianity — which all share the powerful symbol of light.


The Festival of Lights is part of our Season of Light, along with Diwali and Advent. Hanukkah means “dedication” in Hebrew, and it celebrates our dedication to God, as well as God's dedication to us. Festivities include the lighting of the menorah, traditional foods, games and gifts.



Since 2007, Trinity Episcopal School has been an active member of the SEED Project, a national program that encourages community-wide ownership of diversity challenges and solutions. We host two SEED groups, one for faculty and staff and another for parents. The groups focus on systemic understanding of topics such as race, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status and sexual orientation. We are building a community: a family with different faces, thoughts and ideas. We are creating a safe environment, one that mirrors a world in which children see their faces, their history, their way of life and their culture. All of this validates their existence, value and inclusion in society.  

Monthly Seminars

During monthly seminars, participants explore their own education in relation to race, gender, socioeconomic status, religion, sexual identity, abilities and age, and how these factors currently impact their school, community and classroom. Seminars are led by facilitators who have participated in an intense week-long SEED New Leaders' training program. Leaders do not lecture, but rather lead their peers in experiential, interactive exercises and discussions, often stimulated by films and readings. SEED seminars help participants reflect on and connect their individual experiences to a wider systematic context. Members gain new insights into how the world works and how they can make their schools more inclusive and fair. Because of the format and nature of topics covered, we ask that you commit to all six sessions as trust and relationships grow and develop over the course of the year. The first two sessions are vital to establishing the foundation for this. We know life gets in the way. If you can’t make at least one of the first two sessions, please consider waiting until next year to participate. Want to sign up or get more details? Email Viji Panda, Director of Initiatives for Diversity & Inclusion.

SEED New Leaders Training

A seven-day, residential New Leaders Week that prepares people to lead SEED seminars in institutions or communities where they are already employees or members. Teachers must apply to the National SEED organization and be accepted. Teachers return to campus and commit to leading monthly SEED seminars. We are committed to sending two people every two years. Learn more: https://nationalseedproject.org/about-us/about-seed#what-seed-offers