Diversity & Inclusion


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Lower School
Name & Identity

Director of Diversity & Inclusion Viji Panda joined Lower School's "community time" to talk about how names affect the way we perceive other people and ourselves. All aspects of identity impact the health of student engagement and the strength of our community. Just as common and shared experiences are a part of the glue that hold communities together, understanding and respecting differences are essential, too.

Middle School
Walking in Someone Else's Shoes

Eighth graders explore AT&T’s Accessibility Awareness Lab, which provides 30-second experiences that simulate what it’s like to have a particular disability, such a vision impairment or hampered motor skills. The lab is designed to help participants empathize with people who have a variety of disabilities. The activity was part of the curriculum for Innov8, a capstone course where Trinity 8th graders identify a problem or area of need, research it, hypothesize solutions, and test prototypes. Innov8 focuses on empathy and human-centered design.

Lower & Middle School
I Am Because We Are

Each January, we celebrate the South African philosophy of Ubuntu: “I am because we are.” It is a month-long, multi-disciplinary celebration focusing on peace, love, diversity, justice, equity, kindness, community and service. The South African Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu said a person with Ubuntu is welcoming, hospitable, warm and generous, and willing to share. Such people are open and available to others, willing to be vulnerable, affirming of others, do not feel threatened that others are able and good, for they have a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that they belong in a greater whole.

Lower & Middle School
Interview with the Rev. Daryl Horton

As part of our Ubuntu curriculum in 2021, Chaplain Ken Malcolm talked to the Rev. Daryl Horton about his church, building relationships with other communities, and his advice for lower and middle schoolers.