Lower schoolers play on the playground by the athletic field


Bird's Eye View

Get a birds-eye view of Trinity with these beautiful aerial shots and a few fun facts about our school. For example, did you know Blue House Hall is topped with 270 solar panels that supply 20% of our energy needs?


Stroll Through Campus

Take a walk around our campus to see the many different learning spaces, inside and out, including some of the more remote spots like our nature trail and frog pond. Plus, learn some interesting facts along the way.



We're home to one of Austin's largest commercial solar panel installations: 270 panels on the roof of Blue House Hall provide about 20% of the school's energy needs. All of Trinity's buildings are outfitted with programmable thermostats and motion-sensing lights to further reduce the school's energy consumption. And we compost over about 350 pounds of food waste from our Dining Hall each month.

Middle schoolers walk to Chapel
Lower School music classroom


Beyond the Classroom

You might be surprised to find out that our 24-acre campus includes nature preserves, hiking trails, an outdoor classroom and a community garden. By connecting to the natural environment, students discover firsthand how humans can leave a positive and lasting impact on their world. Learn more about out how we take learning beyond the classroom.

Go Exploring!

Look Inside

Middle schoolers help maintain our community garden and composting center, which supplies fruit and vegetables for our Dining Hall and composts over 350 pounds of food waste each month.


Take a Virtual Tour

Explore different learning environments with 360-degree views, info about each location, and embedded photos and videos. Stops on the tour include the chapel, gym, dining hall, classrooms, commons, and more.

Take the Tour