Austin Trinity

An independent K-8 Episcopal day school five miles from the heart of Austin

The K-8 Model

Trinity wholeheartedly believes in the K-8 experience. By focusing on the development of the whole child, we are able to tailor our curriculum to each child's personal learning journey starting in Lower School and continuing through the Middle School years.

Furthermore, a recent study published in the American Educational Research Journal found that 6-8 graders were better off academically and socially/emotionally in K-8 schools compared to when they attended 6-8 or 6-12 schools.

Our K-8 program also ensures that our eighth grade students appeal to a wide variety of high schools. As a result, Trinity students matriculate into the finest institutions in Austin, as well as regional and national day and boarding schools.

Want to learn more about the benefits of the K-8 experience? Here are eight additional reasons why this model works.

1. By eighth grade, you know your child as a learner.

In the elementary and middle years, your student’s academic strengths, interests, learning styles, and gifts become defined.  These individual characteristics become apparent during pre-adolescence. There are excellent high school choices – each with their own strengths and areas of focus. By the time your child is in eighth grade, the best “match” for high school is easy to determine.

2. As an eighth grader, your child is involved in choosing the high school.

During the early childhood years, you, as parents, make the school decisions.  A family choice, involving your eighth grader with the support of the school, is a satisfying and personalized way to choose a high school. In turn, this experience better prepares students for making college choices.

3. A change at ninth is good.

Keeping children in a consistent and familial educational environment through the elementary and middle years is ideal, before allowing them the freedom of a change of venue, new friends and new challenges for high school.  Because Trinity ends in eighth grade, all of our graduates leave together offering support to one another.  At ninth grade, students are eager to experience new friendships and challenges that support their individual interests before college.

4. In any school, programs for the oldest students are always the most expensive.

In terms of complexity, faculty, and facilities,schools funnel the most financial resources and attention to the highest grades they serve. At Trinity,that is middle school. Our middle school faculty is truly dedicated to students in grades 5-8, and the program is designed to fulfill their needs.

5. Children don’t grow up too fast.

Trinity's elementary and middle school environment allows students to experience age appropriate activities and events, without the influence and pressure of older students.  Seventh and eighth graders are not “caught in the middle” but take on the role of "seniors.”  At the same time they can be themselves, often remaining “younger” a bit longer.

6. Your child has early leadership and activity opportunities.

The oldest students on any campus assume the mantle of leadership and act as role models for the entire student body.  Our middle school students rise to the challenge and serve on the Student Council, have the starring roles in school musicals, and play on Trinity’s highest-level athletic teams.  The positive achievements of early adolescents are recognized as culminating events and traditions at Trinity.  Enjoying that privilege in seventh and eighth grade better prepares students for those same opportunities in high school and beyond.

7. High school choice is a team effort.

The Middle School Head, Admission Director, and High School Placement Coordinator work in partnership with you and your student to find a high school “match” that honors your child’s unique gifts and achievements.  Trinity's placement team knows the schools and knows your student. Trinity students are sought after as high school freshman because they are well-prepared,self-assured, and well-rounded.

8. The “Trinity Connection” lasts a lifetime.

Students experiencing Trinity throughout the elementary and middle school years have values and friendships that will define them throughout their lives.


Teacher-Student Ratio = 1:8-10

534 Students

36 Zip Codes Represented

15% of Students Receive Financial Assistance

22% Diversity


Vicki Ainsworth
Director of Admission

Stacey England
Admission Associate

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